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What we do

We are enthusiastic, highly experienced Enterprise Risk Management professionals. Our specialty is working with small to mid-size companies and not-for-profit organizations to sharpen their ERM vision and skills.   

Why we do it

Well-crafted Enterprise Risk Management techniques improve performance and bring sharper focus to any organization. But we know from personal experience how difficult it can be to build and sustain excellent ERM programs. While all organizations are different, most have risk management capability gaps and only limited resources to fill them. 

And that’s where our ERM advisory, design, and co sourcing services can help. We work alongside our clients to develop affordable risk management solutions tailored to their goals and imperatives. We believe it’s a win-win situation- we enjoy seeing our clients improve their ERM practices, and our expertise saves our clients time and money.  

How we do it differently

We understand our clients’ perspectives because we ourselves have planned, launched, managed, and improved many risk management programs. So we know the challenges and frustrations faced by risk management professionals in today’s business climate.    

Our extensive experience enables us to provide tailored tactical or strategic ERM support to our clients. We can solve their immediate and critical resource needs, complete discrete projects, help build broader ERM capabilities, and reduce operational cost and complexity.    

Most importantly, we take the time to work closely with each client to help them identify and achieve their unique ERM goals more quickly and confidently. We will not accept an engagement unless we believe our participation will add value for the prospective client.  

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